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Day 1 What I ate today….

First day not so bad.  We had our little trip to the Farmers Market and everyone was amazing plus we found the Soup Guy!  Life changer I swear.  So here it is:

Breakfast: Smoothie with blueberries, pineapple and strawberries. 8oz almond milk and added whey protein and fiber.  I use Garden of Life Raw Fiber

Snack: Green juice from juicery no apple added just plain greens


Soup! From the market Curried vegetable soup with chick peas which are ok on day 1 right? you should have this drilled in your heads by now

Busy no snack


Grilled salmon , big salad with hearts of palm seasoned with olive oil and lemon

half a sweet potato..note do not over do the sweet potatoes or I will take them away!

Detox tea….bed

Rejuvenation Detox 21 Day Dairy of what I’m eating

Today is my “last supper” before I go green and clean. I’m a day ahead of you guys so you can look in the morning and see what I’ve done.  What I ate today on my cheat day.

Acai Bowl yummy!!! But healthy

Green juice from Earth bar

And for my last meal Boa!!! 1 steak, mac n cheese , broccoli, bread and red wine followed by 3 bites of chocolate chip cookie dessert. Yes!!! All with wonderful friends.  So it is a  well balanced evening.

See you all tomorrow at the farmers market!


Anonymous asked:

I need to slim my hips down. I had my first baby in May and I feel like my hips never went back. What type of exersises will slim my hips but not bulk my legs? My quads are getting very muscular and no smaller hips!!! How much cardio vs weights should I do? What type of cardio? Help!!!!!

May as in this month?  I hope not!  Try doing these new fusion Barre type classes where they incorporate ballet, pilates and yoga moves (like my Barre class) and stick to exercises that lengthen and lean your legs out not bulk them up. Pilates and yoga are also both excellent choices post baby as they often focus on the core. Cardio wise, if you can run, run, that is the best cardio for leaning out the legs and hips. Avoid heavy weights use body weight and lots of reps.  How much cardio? Tons! sorry hahaa 4 days a week at least until you hit your goal, and sometimes more but start there. Weights 3 times and mix it up with the stuff I mentioned.


Anonymous asked:

Hello Christine,
What is the best way to burn fat, especially tummy. I'm pretty slim already and love to do yoga, pilates, walking. I dont like running or crazy cardio :) But if that's the only way to really burn fat, then I will start.
Thanks so much for your advice.

Those are both amazing ways to keep fit and flexible but generally arent enough to “burn fat”. Yes you need to do some cardio you dont have to do crazy cardio, just do something.   Get your heart rate up and keep in the zone. If you don’t like to run try Spinning or the Stepmill or a interval training class or dance class.  I like the Elliptical but most people get lazy on those and don’t work hard enough.

Basically you need to get uncomfortable, sweat and get your heart rate up…burn baby burn!  So start!

My No Carb Monday!!

You guys asked for another example of Monday. I find that most people don’t eat so great or exercise as much on the weekends.  So I like to have my clients and myself do No Carb Monday as a way to re group and reset the physical and mental body. I do extra cardio and eat really clean on Mondays and Tuesday.

6:45 get up green tea or coffee get Brendan to school….Pressed Juicery Greens1

8am 6 mile run…20 minute Core Class 1 hour teach sculpting class

11:30 Think Thin protein bar I was in a rush, normally I make a smoothie

1pm handful of cashews

2pm grilled salmon with tomatoes and onions and steamed vegetables

4:15 Hot yoga class

7:30 salad with chicken vegan broccoli soup

tea tea tea

Supplements: Irwins Naturals Fat Metabolizer, omega 3, Cla+tonalin, B-complex, probiotic, L-glutamine and Yogi Tea Detox


Anonymous asked:

Hi Christine,

I am an emotional eater and whenever I get sad I like to turn to food to comfort me and to make the pain go away. I know this isn't healthy but it's what makes me feel good about myself at that moment. I harbor all the bad inside. I really need help and I really need to start my fitness routine again. Any suggestions on how to get started?

- heartbroken

    Use the gym..when I went through a really hard time (divorce) I would go to the beach and run or walk and clear my head. My mom would tell me to go to the gym “and work that shit out”.  Physical activity can up your feel good endorphins so you just feel better after.  Take a class where you can make new friends and also be supported.

   As for the emotional eating you are not alone most people are emotional eaters. Work on changing the behavior. Get out of the house or at least snack on something that wont wipe you out like cereal or or a healthy snack and just simply get the junk out of your house. You have to break the cycle.  Visualize how amazing you feel being in control of your body and habits. That you are in charge of your life and not just reacting to what happens in your life.  You can only control you and when you choose to be healthy everything else will fall into place because you will feel better and have more self confidence.

I realize your issues are deeper than a quick e-mail,so to answer your last question get started. Today or tomorrow go take a class.  I found that yoga really helped me through some tough times even if you cry the whole class like I did!  Or go to the gym or go run. Tell me what you did on thursday that gives you today and tomorrow to get your ass in gear.

Report back!


Anonymous asked:

Hi christine!!
I love love love your classes, and my body is toning up like crazy, but how do I become slimmer instead of just toning up the fat? Even though I'm losing weight ( I do 5 days of cardio/wk), I'm not getting any smaller, just firmer. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

I’m confused, your toning up like crazy and losing weight…so you must be smaller! Measure thats the only way to know.  and replacing the flab with muscle will give you a leaner sexier look than fat.

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